Sunday 3 March 2013

Santa Ratniece has shined forth brightly and unexpectedly, captivating listeners with extraordinary sense of  sound - pearly, muffled and delicate.  Words are not enough to describe her music and illuminate the process of creation. The poetry - never existed before, should be used  to conjure up the multidimensional silence of her music that radiates vague vibration of breath, breathing, buzz of air and gradually changes into whisper.

How  to find the words to describe the gliding uncertainity of microtones? And how to express tremolo - the rustle of air, water, scent, sense and being? How to create a palette of whistling, wheezing and twittering sounds? And a journey across and through the layers of cultures -  so far-off geographically and full of mystery and  secret mentally. How to express the flying of imagination into ancient worlds, civilizations, cultures; unknown languages, unfamiliar texts and sounds interweaving the composer`s music?

It is the abundant, plentiful imagination that  charms and even bewitches listeners in Santa Ratniece`s music; photographic image of sounds, impressions, alternation of sound memory, metamorphoses and plays with sounds..

I. Šarkovska-Liepiņa / MĀKSLA PLUS